After redesigning my current bedroom, I made it my mission to have the comfiest, cosiest bed of all. One that guarantees separation anxiety whenever you have to leave it. I can safely say that I would gladly stay in it forever so, here are my tips for creating an irresistibly lovely bed.

1. Invest in a good duvet

This may sound a bit silly but it’s definitely the biggest factor in creating a cosy bed! In the colder weather, which is most of the year here in the UK, go for the thickest tog duvet you can stand and I promise you you’ll never want to leave your bed. In the words of Homer Simpson, you’ll be a big, toasty cinnamon bun. Mine’s a 10.5 tog with duck feathers & down from M&S. In the summer I just swap this out for a very lightweight duvet so no problems there.

2. Add colour with cushions

Doesn’t everyone love cushions? Find some you like in a contrasting colour to the rest of your decor – I love blush pink against my white bed frame and light colours I usually choose for my bed linen, as well as for a lovely contrast against the dark grey wall. You can always go matchy-matchy or have each design different for a more eclectic vibe – or go for a combo of the two like I’ve done for a bit of balance! The two pink waffle covers were from Ikea, the pink scene cushions were gifts and the embroidered one in the middle was from Debenhams.

3. Play with textures

Adding some texture to your bed can be an easy way to add interest – I’ve paired a cosy, fluffy blanket from H&M with a more structured, embroidered throw from Debenhams. Fun fact: I originally started draping this blanket over the very end of the bed because I kept walking into the sharp corners of the frame – now I no longer have bruised legs AND my bed looks pretty! It’s the little things. This throw also has cute little pompoms lining the edges which adds a bit of a boho feel – something I’m always after.

4. Try a pillow spray

Lots of people I know swear by pillow sprays, in particular the ThisWorks lavender spray. Spritz some on your pillow before you go to sleep and it’ll create a lovely, soothing atmosphere and (hopefully!) make you sleep like a baby. Love! You can also light some dreamy candles to make a lovely serene feel, my all time favourites are from Anthropologie –  the candle holders are decorative pieces in themselves and they always smell amazing.

5. Add fairy lights

For next level cosiness, I always put some fairy lights on around my bedroom. These leafy ones from Next have the added benefit of looking lovely in the daytime, but I also love the delicate copper wire lights that are everywhere at the moment. I found mine at Urban Outfitters but I’ve seen some in Wilko and all the supermarkets.

There you have it! You are now the proud (& probably very sleepy) owner of the most lovely bed! Do you have any other failsafe ways of making yourself comfy and cosy?

Elif x

7th April 2018
3rd May 2018