My favourite transformation so far!

I’ve absolutely loved renovating my ensuite, as soon as I saw this room I could see the potential for beautiful things! Before, it was such a cramped, awkward room that was taken up almost entirely by the shower cubicle & now it’s a bright, spacious bathroom with swoon-worthy marble tiles (if I do say so myself…)!

This was the view when you entered the room – you had to squeeze yourself past the shower cubicle to get to the sink hidden behind the door. Also, note the strange cork flooring. Just why?!

The shower originally stuck out into the room so much due to an airing cupboard on the other side of the wall coming from the landing. I decided to get rid of this completely so that the bathroom walls could be pushed back, creating an open, rectangular room and space for a large shower.

I’m a little bit in love with this shower, I can’t wait to use it! I’ve been so used to tiny little cubicles so this feels like a real luxury for me! My builder suggested the frameless sliding door as I didn’t know about them & I’m so glad he did – it makes a real difference not having a bulky plastic frame – the large panels of glass make the room look that little bit more open and stylish.

As for the tiles, I knew I wanted the room to feel very luxurious with lots of marble & these hexagon tiles were a winner from the start. Because I wanted the room to be very white & bright, I thought I’d balance the walls out with some dark floor tiles – they were also on sale which made my decision a lot easier! Mine are no longer on the Topps Tiles website but you can find some similar ones here. I had the rest of the walls tiled with large rectangular marble to make a uniform style.

One thing I didn’t know when buying these tiles is that because they’re real marble, they’d need to be sealed before use or else they’ll absorb products and corrode. Once sealed, you won’t be able to use standard cleaning products on them, only soapy water, which will be a bit of a nightmare for a germophobe like me! This may have just been me being a bit clueless but it’s something to bear in mind when thinking about getting solid marble tiles, as well as an extra cost to factor in for the sealant!

What do you think of my bathroom so far? How much marble is too much marble?

Elif x

20th March 2018
30th March 2018