First things first

I’m so excited to finally be writing my first blog post! This feels like it’s been a long time coming – I’ve always wanted to write about something I love and recently, my interests (read: obsessions) have began to lean more towards interiors from fashion & beauty. I am also starting to dip a toe in the water of property development and so, as my first (big!) project has come along, now seems like the perfect time to start documenting my journey.

Currently, I am completely redesigning this 4-bedroom house to become a future home for myself (& family one day!) – a nice, easy project to start off with then… I’ve spent more time in B&Q and Topps Tiles than I care to admit recently in attempts to drag the decor into the 21st century & I can’t tell you how sick I am of looking at tiles – the staff actually groan when I come through the door, bit mean. I had grand ideas for this house from the start; the kitchen was dark and cramped, the ensuite was 99% shower cubicle and the family bathroom was avocado – need I say more?

I’ll be sharing updates of my progress with transforming this house as well as swoon-worthy inspiration, things I’m learning along the way and other lifestyle topics. You can also follow me on Instagram here for more regular updates, hope you enjoy!

Elif x


1st March 2018