Because of everything else going on in the house construction-wise, designing the living room has been slow going. I’ve got so many ideas floating around in my head though that I just have to get them down somewhere!

One of the main attractions of this house was the beautiful bay window, currently hidden behind some delightful curtains… I can just imagine the Christmas tree in front of it at Christmas and it makes me very happy! I’d love to make this into a window seat one day just to really make use of the lovely space and light.

The living room isn’t a huge space to start with and the hideously wonky built-in shelves do not help things! I love the idea of having built-in shelving on the right side of the chimney breast only but I think I’ll get some new, possibly floor to ceiling ones put in. The fireplace was next to go and is being replaced by a gas stove – I was considering a woodburner in here but in the end, preferred the ease of a gas fire, not to mention the dust and ash that comes with a real woodburner! The hearth will be tiled with these beautiful tiles from Tons of Tiles – I’m in love with the lived-in feel they give and can’t wait for them to be laid.

As for flooring in the rest of the room, I’ve chosen a herringbone parquet oak flooring made from engineered wood. I’d heard lots of good things about engineered flooring over solid wood, even from my friend who’s a chartered surveyor (she knows all!), so I was set on it. Basically, it’s more stable, sustainable, works with underfloor heating AND has a wider range of finishes and styles than solid wood. Win win, win…win. You can get the exact floorboards I got here – their service was great so I would highly recommend!

After a long search for affordable lighting, I finally found this beaut on sale from Debenhams online. Unfortunately it’s out of stock now but if you keep checking the website, one or two sometimes pop back (returns?) – that’s how I got it!

At the moment I’m completely in two minds about painting this room. I absolutely love dark coloured rooms and think it would work really well in here, but I’m also worried about making the room too dark… the struggle! Maybe if I only painted the three front walls dark and kept the rest of the room white, a nice balance would be made.

What do you think? Should I keep the walls light and just paint the fireplace surround dark, or brave it and go dark on the walls?

Elif x

30th March 2018
19th April 2018