Being a self-confessed makeup junkie, I’ve found myself collecting quite a lot of (very different & completely justified) makeup bits over the years… Here’s how I store it all!

The star of the show is undeniably this chest of drawers from Ikea. It’s a perfect size and with 6 drawers, 4 of which are much bigger than the top 2, it’s got all the space you need. It’s even got a flip out mirror on the top which I never use, but I do¬†keep my watches under the lid – it’s felt lined so perfect for jewellery!

So, let’s start with the top 2 smaller drawers. In the first, I keep my everyday makeup – products I use on a regular basis. I also have a little heart-shaped bowl at the back for smaller pieces of jewellery like rings and bracelets. I can’t say I wear that much jewellery daily so, this is a perfect little spot to keep them safe but out of sight. The second drawer is for all my eyeshadow and palettes. Now, if you’re a normal person without an obsessive need for bronzey eyes, you could probably make better use of this space. But here we are.

I bought a roll of anti-slip lining for these two drawers as everything sliding around was driving me crazy every time I opened or closed the drawers. Highly recommend!

In the next, larger drawer, I keep sunglasses, makeup I don’t regularly use, cotton buds & lipsticks. I store my lipsticks in one of the typical beauty blogger acrylic holders – I got mine from eBay years ago but they’re currently the cheapest here.

The next drawer is all about nails – I have another super useful acrylic holder for nail varnish. Can you guess which colour I wear the most? *rolls eyes*

I haven’t taken photos of the next 2 drawers because they’re impossible to sort but they’re both essential! I keep all my electrical hair tools in the bottom drawer which is very handy.

On top of the unit, I keep all my makeup brushes in these lovely little pots from a local gift shop (split into face and eye brushes of course!) and my daily foundation/products that don’t fit into the top drawers.

Do you have any makeup storage tips? Let me know!

Elif x

19th April 2018
11th June 2018