Well, two new things, one big change to the house…

Now that the building work in my house is slowly beginning to wind down and the end is in sight, I can finally start thinking about interior fittings like lighting for real as well as unearth some things I bought months ago in naive anticipation. One of those seemingly ancient purchases is this beauty:

I bought this gorgeous pouffe from Urban Outfitters back in the January sales for £72 down from £160 (!) & I’m so glad I managed to bag it. The blush pink, the texture, it’s my shaggy boho dream!

Can you tell it’s the first time I’ve taken it out of its wrapping? Bruno is going to have to obey the metre-radius-proximity rule if I’m to keep this from turning black…

I love pouffes, they’re always handy and you can get some really beautiful designs to contrast with your other furniture and add some interest, or even if you just want to match your current colour scheme and add some extra seating. They’re a great way of adding a statement piece of furniture in a movable, non-permanent way. I bought this one off Etsy years ago for my current bedroom & I love the Ottoman design. It fits perfectly in an awkward nook of my room and I love sitting here to read and relax, plus it matches my colour scheme perfectly while still adding some interest.

My most recent purchase was a ceiling light for the dining room section of my kitchen/diner. There’s already so much lighting in here – spotlights over the kitchen, pendants over the breakfast bar, that I wanted something not too intrusive or particularly attention-grabbing. I’m pretty sure I looked on every existing decor company for something I liked that was also affordable and finally settled for this one from Next Home. Although I’m not usually a big fan of silver, it had to be silver to match the hardware in the rest of the room. This one also comes in a 5-arm version but as I said, I didn’t need it to give off too much light. I’m hoping it’ll provide more of a soft, warm glow to eat in against the bright spotlights of the kitchen. Fingers crossed!

Finally, the most exciting change this week has to be my front door… It’s now PINK! I’ve been waiting for this day since we got the house! It’s so bright I can’t help but smile every time I see it, I actually couldn’t stop laughing when I was first taking pictures of it because I can’t imagine what my neighbours think of it. I also don’t care, I love it! The colour is Brazilian Rose by Valspar.

The white still needs another coat to cover the blue and of course the grab-handle needs to go, but I think you get the idea right?

What colour would you paint your front door if you could?

Elif x

22nd March 2018
7th April 2018