Hi! It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog hasn’t it? Since my last post I’ve actually started an Interior Design course online & I’m loving it so far. I also celebrated my birthday on the 5th & got some lovely gifts (including some gorg homeware bits)! Most excitingly though, so much that I was eagerly waiting for has finally happened with my house!

First off – the living room. The parquet floor has been laid, the walls have been painted & the fireplace has been tiled. I couldn’t be happier with the room, it’s exactly what I pictured & I love it! (Please excuse the messy photos, I haven’t taken any nice ones yet – still a few things to be done/tidied up!)

Next up is the entrance hall/porch/what do you call this?! It’s been tiled with the gorgeous Henley tiles from Topps Tiles & looks so lovely – my sister says it’s like walking into a doll’s house against the pink front door too – I ain’t mad!

Finally, the lovely Cowbell pendants from Loaf have been hung over my breakfast bar in the kitchen. I originally bought the large size as I was only getting two but they were far too big – luckily the small ones fit really well.

That’s about it for the recent changes! Next on the agenda is carpetting upstairs and sorting the paving out on the drive & in the garden. As for the birthday treats (I love to see what people got for their birthday!), here are a few of the most photogenic gifts I got – feeling very lucky!

What do you think? What’s your favourite new addition?

Elif x


3rd May 2018